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1. All films that are not in English MUST have English language subtitles, except films in Portuguese.


2. All entry fees are non-refundable. There are no reimburses.


3. Multiple entries from the same submitter are accepted, with separated submissions and entry fees.


4. The decisions of the festival selection committee and jury will be final and indisputable. The committee will not accept disputes over films not being selected or awarded.


5. Films that are submitted MUST BE original works. Each project SHALL NOT infringe on any copyrights or other third parties rights. Contestants agree that they have obtained all required copyright permissions regarding music, sound, and images presented in their film. Therefore filmmakers MUST have all rights associated with their films and allow “Guaraci-Anga's GAROA AWARDS” to use clips for publicity purposes, including uploading a trailer, Poster, or image online.


6. When submitting your project to GAROA AWARDS, you allow our Festival to use media materials from the film (such as still photos, posters, and images) for promotional purposes on our website and social media. Therefore, all films selected for the Festival grant GAROA AWARDS the right to use Media materials for promotional purposes.


7. Guaraci-Anga's GAROA AWARDS organizers reserve the right to change, cancel or re-schedule the dates, awards & categories without prior consent or information to contestants.


8. We do not require premiere status for selecting the films.


9. There will not have any public screenings, online or in-person, of the selected films. All films will be evaluated in private screenings by a jury of filmmakers.


10. The competition is international; we accept films from all around the world.


11. The submission grants the projects to compete in every competitive category. All films selected become nominees of each competitive category. There will not be Nominees announcements on social media or on the website.

12. The announcements on social media and website will be: OFFICIAL SELECTION and AWARD WINNERS.


13. We only accept short films (films between 1 and 40 minutes in length). The submission categories are Narrative Short Film, Student Film, Experimental Film, Micro Short, Animation Film, and Documentary.


14. DISCLAIMER The applicant agrees to have read and accepted the rules & regulations for participation in the “GAROA AWARDS”. The applicant confirms that one has the requisite authority or has obtained permission from the producer/right holder to enter this film in the “Guaraci-Anga's GAROA AWARDS”.


15. NOTIFICATIONS After being selected for the competition, the filmmaker is notified via email only. The arts of the selected films will be published on the festival website and social media. All films selected/awarded in the competition will be informed only by emails & listed on the festival website and social media. We will not accept inquiries or arguments regarding non-selected films. The decision of the selection committee will be final and indisputable.​


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